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I honor the Rhythm of life, I honor the flow of life, May I be in harmony with that flow



The Flow of LIfe

Yoga & Drum Workshop


with... Sheila Fazio & Stephanie Kusmer


Together we will co-create an uplifting sacred yoga practice, learn and experience african drum rhythms that enliven and connect us to our heart, to one another and to the great flow of life. Beginners welcome!  


What You’ll Experience:

  • Welcoming Ceremony with Native American Rituals

  • Rhythmic Yoga Practice accompanied by Drum mantras 

  • Consciousness Drumming, Timing & Sacred Rhythms 

  • Ancient Drum Journey supported with transformational bodywork


For more information on Stephanie visit



Rhythm comes from the Sanskrit word ritam. 

It teaches us that all of life is flowing and that

every part of us in flowing in a rhythm -

our breath, our heart beat, all bodily functions,

our relationships and the entire universe. 

    “Experience the Healing Nature of both Yoga & African Drum Rhythms” 

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