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June 30th, 1-4:30pm (Saturday)


A Workshop for Professional Helpers

Social Workers, Counselors, Teachers, Coaches,  

Gain new tools to help their clients reach their wellbeing goals.


Central Studio

5617 Pershing Ave, St. Louis 63112

Sliding Scale $75-$150. 

Please bring a yoga mat, notebook/pen, bolsters or sitting chair.   



Neuroscientists teach us that our “first” automatic response to failure greatly influences our ability to be successful in working toward any change; whether it is healing addictions, calming our temper, losing weight, eating better or accomplishing a difficult goal. Shame and self-criticism activates our brain in a way that inhibits action, reduces our ability to focus on our goals, anticipate regret and often prevents us from even trying. The first step toward any change process for our wellbeing begins with creating a neuro-pathway that makes it safe to TRY (by shifting the default mode network of the brain). 

Come to experience:

  • Neuroscience teachings to assist self or others in change process.

  • “Inner Wisdom” Awareness with Mindful Yoga and Somatic Release.

  • Therapeutic Journaling to shift the “inner critic” to an “inner resource.” 

  • Compassionate tending to the inevitable set back process to create resiliency.

Step One: Registration

Neurowire for Positive Change

Step Two: Payment
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