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Dedicated to all women I've met in my tenures as a trauma therapist, yoga instructor, bodywork and human being. To all women around the world of all faiths, backgrounds, beliefs, bodytypes and oreintation. 



Over the last 2 years, I  have been offering a powerfully healing yoga series for women called Sacred Shakti. 


 The series incorporates practices from tantra, daoism and shamanism to awaken and heal women's connection to their sexual center, connect to their inner wisdom from the womb and cultivate and transform sacred energy within. I've put together these classes as a result of the hundreds of women I've listened to over the years that struggle with all of the following;  desire, expression, freedom, voice, permission, playfullness, body image and exhaustion.  I've found that healing of a sacred sexuality can be profound when done so in a sacred space with other women, learning about our own bodies, our response cycle, methods of going inward, sacred agreements and connecting sound and breath to sensual movement in class and at home.  


The classes are ideal for women who want to:

  •  Develop a more beautiful connection to their own bodies and expression of their sexuality

  •  Move out of their "minds" into their "bodies" to enjoy intimacy

  • Understand how to create vital energy through meditation, sound and breath and use it for healing

  • Heal old wounds and unhealthy patterns that keep us stuck, voiceless and approval seeking in relationships 

  • Connect and build friendships with other women in a sacred healing space       

  • Next series forming soon




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