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w/ Sheila Fazio, LCSW, LMT, RYT & Dr. Ryan Pride, PhD

A series dedicated to building and sustaining soul mate partnerships


Sheila and Ryan are passionate about leading couples through practices that deepen their commitment, open communication, stimulate intimacy and foster win win collaborations.  As a couple and parents of 3 in a blended family, they understand the modern struggles couples face to stay connected and remain passionate about life and one anoth


What to Expect?


To acknowledge and honor the sacred

nature of your sacred mirror, your beloved,

as your highest teacher in your personal

growth and transformation


To feel deeply supported by both us and

the group in your love and growth together

as an individual and a couple.


Learn powerful yet simple ways to increase intimacy and desire through movement, breath and sound.


Playfully move your body through a yoga practice designed to open your heart, ignite your fire and deepen your heart connection.  


Bring your awareness from the mind into the heart and body for deeper connection and pleasure. 


Learn beginning Taoist practices, sacred movements, and transpersonal couples techniques to create a more meaningful connection.


  • No experience necessary.  

  • Come with an open and playful heart. 

  • Leave feeling love, gratitude, connection, and joy.   

$55 in advance, $65 at the door

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