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A Spiritual visit by the Horse & Spider Totem:

During an overdue healing session last week.. from the gifted Sherry Summers... a mentoring spider came for a visit just as we began our work together. Crawling quickly and swiftly right toward me, as I let it all go on the sacred mat.


In the past I would have shrieked, freaked, cartwheeled onto the couch and waited for the right time to pounce..activating the goddess of Kali.....unless my beloved was available to do it for me.... But Sherry gentle scooped it up and sent it on her way, both knowing it was a purposeful guide to my healing session. The Spider was inviting me to be look at the shadow aspects of my personality...the shadow of my warrior nature.... and to awaken my creativity. I took a moment and paused and remembered my first shamanic experience..

In 2012, a year of tumultuous change and transformation for me, I attended a spiritual retreat in Tulum with Saul Raye. There, I was led through my first shamanic journey with Theo Kyriakos-an amazing transpersonal therapist...

Rhythmic powerful drumming..... resting alongside my retreat family on the wooden floor listening to the summoning tulum waves..... deep internalization of my bodymind. I turned inward connecting to my spiritual journey downward into the cavernous wisdom within began... scared, excited, ready for revelation....eventually arriving at the most significant soul tugging experience of the journey.

A pure white majestic mustang with unthethered hair blowing wildly, thick strong-bodied divine creature walked toward me...I stood perfectly still..waiting for her arrival.

It was a warrior horse dressed in a gold and purple harness... it lay over it's neck beckoning me. She was breathing heavily. I could see it, feel it misting my face. She was no doubt breathing me and I her. I was in awe of her beauty and felt so blessed and honored to witness her power... Her nose so very close to mine..her eyes locked in.. She gazed into my eyes for several minutes, I'd never felt so honestly seen...nature and essense without explanation or defense..or posturing. I was slipping into her...Our souls united, deep yearning....Then...a profound understanding of my it's root... unfolded in that moment. I grabbed the reins, jumped on and assumed my seat as the warrior-a knowing of durga arose in the essence of my heart.

As one, we ran feircly, hearts steady but pounding loudly... across the countrysides in a vision of a much older time period. I yielded a spear in my left hand high above, chanting, circling, repeating blessing and felt as if I was protecting the ancient lands....ancient people...of a time passed. I felt alive..I felt free..I felt happy. .

It was in this journey that I paused outside of a village where I was presented with a beautiful ornate golden treasure chest with embedded amysthest stones. I thought the box was the gift but I was asked to open it by an elder. I knew it was a gift from my ancestors...I opened it and nestled inside were 2 large golden intricate chalices and 3 baby chalices. I was at first confused because I had one daughter.....I was in the process of a long divorce, newly dating a man that I felt to be my twin flame....enjoying a bit of tantric healing and freedom after enduring a volcanic ending of a 18 year relationship. But the wind of knowledge blew through me and then I knew...that I must have conceived my son William the night before...

Ryan, my partner of 6 months and many felt lifetimes before, had a daughter...she would become my second child and William the child concieved the night before would be my third.

Prior to that experience- drug free I assure you.. I doubted other's spiritual awakenings, but here was my proof- my own expereince.. The gates of my awareness to shamanic world- spirit animals had vividly awakened. With an anticipatory heart, I await little visits by critters and creatures...that seem to crawl into the dreams and wakeful moments of life...waitingto be seen...their messages heard.. with perfect timing to shift my awareness to a brighter path.

Now returning to the mentoring latest visitor.. She is the symbol of creativity.

In many cultures, the spider is given credit for its ability to weave intricate webs that are a miracle of organic engineering. If you have the spider as an animal spirit guide, you may have an affinity with acts of creation and the ability to create delicate, intricate things or ideas that are also strong.

As the weaver of the web, the spider symbolizes the spirit of creation. In several traditions, she’s the totemic symbol of the Mother, strong feminine energy. In Ancient Egypt, the spider was used as a symbol to represent the goddess of the Divine Mother, Neith. In some American Indian tribes, it is considered as the symbol for the creator of the world and by extension is associated with the female creative energy.

Patience: The wisdom of the spider totem

Like the spider waiting her prey patiently, the presence of this spirit animal in your life could point to the need to show patience regarding a project or some ideas that you are trying to realize. Giving some time while paying attention to how events are unfolding and acting when the opportunity truly arise might be a lesson of wisdom from the spider spirit animal.

Symbolism of the spider: Life spirit and weaver of destiny

Just like the spider weaves her beautifully engineered web, this spirit animal fosters the integration of all parts and aspects of your life into a whole. When the spider shows up in your life, this spirit animal could guide you to integrate some piece of your personal “puzzle” and gain a more coherent perspective on your life.

The spider is a spirit animal whose purpose is to inspire you to gain perspective on an issue or project you contemplate taking on. Feel free to explore the many facets of the problem you are facing in order to find the appropriate solution. The power of this animal encourages you to count on your ability to view things from multiple angles and weave mental and intuitive flexibility into your daily thinking.

Enjoy my attention to the symbols all around and listen.. the next itime an animal seems to be wanting your attention-take note...Look up the meaning and apply it to your life....


#sheila fazio

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