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Sheila is an experienced educator specializing in teaching holistic practices that support professional helpers working in high stress and high trauma industries.  She is light hearted, deeply connected and experienced in creating a safe container yet dynamic learning experience to support growth and development of the heart.   Each workshop is designed to penetrate into the multi-layers of our our being, overcoming resistance and settling into our best selves.
Sheila is a national educator who trains advocates, wellness practictioners, social workers, yoga teachers, executives and community educators on holstic wellbeing, self leadership, communication, yoga therapies and mindfullness.
She has been leading and presenting for over 15 years.  Here are a listing of some of her most recent seminars.  Seminars and workshops are custom tailored after completing an assessment of need.
Small Business & Corporation Services
Meditation and Mindfullness for Self Stewardship & Motivation
Partner and Group Yoga for Team building 
Improving Communication: Ethical Practice & Princples 
Yoga All Levels w/ Breathing Techniques 

​Workshops for Helping Agencies:  CEU's available

Trainings have been offered for 1.5 hours - several days.

Financial Education & Advocacy
Yoga Therapy & Mindfulness tools for Practitions: Depression, Anxiety & Trauma
Preventing, Identifyng and Treating Vicarious Trauma
Self Care Practices:  Tools to stay healthy when helping others in crisis 
Masterful Communication, Reconciliation & Self-inquiry in the Workplace 
Client Defined Advocacy: Approach and Practice  


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